Poster Sessions

Poster Sessions: Monday

ES01: Forms and processes of bedrock erosion in fluvial landscapes

ES04: Morphodynamics of river systems

ES05: Late Cenozoic landscape evolution

ES12: Coastal sediment dynamics

ES15: Advances in cold regions geomorphology

H01: Hydro-climatic impacts and adaptation

H06: Advances in cold regions hydrology

H09: Measuring and modelling glacier change

H14: General hydrology

S01: Structure & tectonics of the Can. Cordillera

S04: Recent trends in exploration geophysics


Poster Sessions: Tuesday

B04: Mine reclamation: Multidisciplinary studies

ES06: River restoration in Canada

ES07: From natural science to regional practices in Canada

ES14: Advances in earth surface processes

H02: Peatland hydrology: Peatland restoration and ecohydrological processes

H04: Peatland hydrology: Flow and transport of water, solute, and energy in organic soils

H10: Hydrological & biogeochemical behaviour in human-dominated landscapes

H11: Hydrogeomorphic impacts of forest disturbance and management

S05: Induced earthquakes: Source processes and hazard assessment

S06: Solid Earth general contributions


Poster Sessions: Wednesday

B03: Physical and biogeochemical land surface processes in a changing climate

B07: Terrestrial-aquatic interactions: measurement and modelling

B08: General biogeosciences

C01: What the flux?! Surface-atmosphere exchange of energy and mass

ES09: In honour of John Clague

ES13: Computer models and statistical methods in earth sciences

G03: General Geodesy

H03a: Isotopes as tracers

H05: Insights into env./hydrological models

H08: Snow level and precipitation

H13: Advances in hydroecology in Canada

J01: Satellite remote sensing for earth sci. app.

S02: The earthquake cycle: squaring the circle