Abstract Submission

The deadline for abstract submissions has passed. Please register for the conference here.


If you have any questions regarding the payment of abstract submission fees or conference registration please contact the CGU/CSAFM 2017 Registration Secretariat at registration@housing.ubc.ca.


If you have any questions regarding abstracts that have been submitted either contact the appropriate section (emails below) or for general inquiries regarding the scientific program please email contact.cgu2017@ubc.ca.


Biogeosciences:                                                                              biogeosciences.cgu2017@ubc.ca

Earth Surface Processes and Quaternary Science:                  earthsurface.cgu2017@ubc.ca

Geodesy:                                                                                          geodesy.cgu2017@ubc.ca

Hydrology and Glaciology:                                                            hydrology.cgu2017@ubc.ca

Geophysics:                                                                                     solidearth.cgu2017@ubc.ca

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology(CSAFM):                         csafm.cgu2017@ubc.ca


We look forward to seeing you in May!